"Getting The Love You Want" Couples Weekend Workshop

The “Getting The Love You Want” couples workshop is a two-day workshop for couples who want to have a closer more connected relationship.

It’s a mixture of lectures, demonstrations and time where you and your partner will go and practise the relationship skills we teach on the course to bring you into closer connection.

What couples that have been on the course have said

'Genuinely brilliant!  I've never done anything like this before, we were apprehensive and we needn't have been.  Wish we had done this years ago".

"You've protected our marriage for a long time".

"An excellent workshop run by warm, friendly and approachable presenters."

"I've appreciated the opportunity to deepen our relationship in a safe environment."

"A great way to deepen your relationship and understand your partner more fully".

"An engaging, delightful and insightful course with lots to learn and take away."

"It's not hippy dippy, it's useful!"

Who is the course aimed at?

The course is aimed at anyone in a relationship. You could be in the first romantic phases of the relationship wanting to maintain the amazing feelings you have or you might be further on down the road and interested in how you can bring that closeness and connection you once had back again.

You could be in a relationship where you have some bigger issues and need a way of talking about them safely (and if you’re here you might want to consider couples therapy along side the workshop).

The workshop is for straight and gay couples, married and cohabiting; if you want a better relationship it’s for you.

I’m a private person, do I have to share?

You don’t have to share your stuff with the rest of the couples on the course, this is an educational workshop and not therapy. What you will hear though is how other people get stuck at the same predictable places in their relationship just like you.

The course will give you an explanation of why this happens and practical tools to get unstuck or avoid these pitfalls altogether.

How do we get onto the workshop?

Simply fill in the form below. There are limited places for each workshop so book in well advance to guarantee you get the dates that work best for you.

How does this workshop compare to Imago Relationship Therapy?

The workshop will teach you all of the techniques we use in an Imago Relationship Therapy session. It is said to be the equivalent of six month’s therapy.  What you won’t get in the workshop is the one to one attention you would have in a couples therapy session.

How much does the workshop cost?

The workshop costs £600 per couple.  

The price includes a full workshop manual which you can take away with you after the workshop and refreshments in break times.  It does not include lunch.