Relationship Troubles

Have you grown apart from your partner?  You may be wondering where that amazing relationship you had years ago has gone.  

At The Affinity Centre we believe that this is a normal stage of a relationship and we can help you get through it if you and your partner are willing to do the work.

Relationship Traumas

More serious issues may be going on between you. There may have been an affair or a real breakdown in the relationship.  

By working with an Affinity Centre Therapist we will help you see the woods for the trees and give you a road map to get you back on track to the deep loving connection we all want in our relationships.

We regularly work with ...

We Believe There Is Always Hope

All relationships can be healed if you are willing to do the work



Same sex relationships

Loss of sex life

Money disagreements

Later life issues

Improving the relationship

Premarital work

Blended families

Making an appointment for couples counselling in Cheadle

It's easy to make an appointment for couples counselling at The Affinity Centre in Cheadle.  Simply phone our assistant on 0161 282 0259 and she will take your information.  

Then either Ian or Joanna will get back to you and chat with you about what you want out of couples therapy.

What type of couples counselling suits you best?

We offer two kinds of couples therapy at the centre;

Imago Relationship Therapy

Imago Relationship therapy is a particular way of working with couples that aims to move the couple into safety with each other so they can experience connection.

It differs from more traditional couples therapy because the couple sit opposite each other and talk to each other rather than the therapist.

This is the main type of couples therapy offered at The Affinity Centre Cheadle and that's because in our experience it works really well.

The Imago Therapists who work at the centre are highly trained in couples therapy and are experts at helping you and your partner talk through your stuff in a safe, supportive and loving way.

Traditional Couples Counselling

In the more traditional approach, the couple tend to talk to the therapist rather than each other and have the support of the therapist to explore their issues.  This may suit some couples who don't like the idea of Imago Relationship Therapy.